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Which print method should I choose?

by Stuart Jones on Jul 09, 2021

“Which print method is best for my designs?” Our customers often find themselves wondering which print method will be the most compatible with their designs and garments. Our goal is not only to help bring our customer’s designs to life but to also help them find the most appropriate print method for their needs. Making the correct choice at this stage can dramatically improve your garments functionality and durability, so we take pride in our commitment to finding the right option for our customers.

Here at Upload Printing our state of the art machines ensure fantastic print quality on just about anything. We offer Screen Printing, Embroidery, Digital Printing, Vinyl and Sublimation. Most of our production is carried out locally, in-house at our shop. For larger or more complicated orders, we utilise our production facility, also located nearby in Romsey, where we are currently printing merchandise for a number of well-known British YouTubers and influencers including ImAllexx, Calfreezy, Charlotte Dawson and many more.

Digital printing - This is the best option if your design is very detailed or vibrant! Our state-of-the-art machines for direct-to-garment printing create sharp and smooth designs on a range of garments. These machines can print a huge range of high-quality colours. DTG printing is ideal for small orders.

Embroidery - This method will ensure that your design will stand out from the rest, as it is the ideal print method for achieving the most premium look!. Our embroidery machines are the fastest on the market, allowing us to embroider many garments at once so that we can bring your ideas to life with precision and speed. We can embroider onto a wide range of garments, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags. You can even combine embroidery with another method such as Digital Printing to make your design truly unique.

Screen Printing - This is our most durable print method and your design should outlive even the garment itself. This print method is most suitable for bold or graphic designs, with one or two different colours, and it is great for producing large orders.

Sublimation - This print method uses heat to bring ink together with our material, to produce a design that blends seamlessly with the surface of the garment. We can sublimate onto a variety of different items, including drinks bottles, coasters, keyrings, puzzles and more. This is our most versatile print method meaning you can see your designs on a wide variety of products.

Bring your designs/logos into our store at 7 Market Place SO51 8NB, and we will make sure that we find you the perfect print method to give you the best quality and end result.