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Alfie's Wish Charity Partnership

by Stuart Jones on Aug 04, 2021

At Upload Printing, we are committed to giving back to our local community, including supporting local charities, Alfie’s Wish is one of the charities we are supporting this year.  


Alfie’s Wish is dedicated to supporting children with cancer, and their families by funding days out to help make special memories. 


Alfie, Charlotte and James’ son was born on the 10th of May 2014. He was a truly happy baby with big and gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes! After an amazing first Christmas with their two sons, Alfie quickly became unwell and after an emergency hospital admission and MRI Charlotte and James were given devastating news, Alfie had a brain tumour. As you can imagine, the next ten months were incredibly hard for Alfie and his loving family, over the years, Alfie continued to keep amazing people with monthly clear scans. Despite not growing physically, Alfie grew in character and personality! 


But sadly, after another relapse in July 2018, the lovely Alfie, was back in hospital having more surgery. However, despite this setback, Alife, never failing to amazing his adoring family, made a miraculous recovery and even managed to start ‘big boy’ school with his new peers in September. Sadly, just 2 months later a routine scan showed another relapse and he was then put on palliative care. Despite this, the next 16 months were his best ever. 


At home, Alfie's family kept seeing him smash milestones that he was predicted never to achieve, including walking. Alfie was ridiculously good at jigsaws, he loved having friends & family over, dressing up, playing in his kitchen or his ice cream parlour and colouring. But it was singing and dancing that gave him, and everyone around him the most pleasure. 


“Alfie fought so hard right from the beginning. Despite the odds he showed the world how to be brave, strong and live life to the full. He had a huge impact on others and inspired many people”. Sadly, Alfie passed away on 2nd January 2020.


The family were inspired to set up Alfie’s Wish after seeing the impact that Alfie and his journey had on those around him. “We know just how important it is to make memories when your child is fighting cancer, how special family time is, so we want to help others. We also know the financial impact that cancer has on a family so funding days out often become impossible. Whether it’s a theme park, zoo, museum, sporting or music event to name but a few our aim is to get children there to make their dreams come true” (Alfie’sWish 2021). 


Alfie’s Wish will continue to spread Alfie’s message and his incredible legacy and help other children fighting cancer in the UK. Or read about Alfie's story here.


We were so inspired by Alfie’s story and the incredible person he was. We are incredibly proud to support the wonderful charity Alfie’s Wish and ultimately keep Alfie’s legacy alive.